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About us


Mission: quality first, reputation first.
Core Values: Do what others do not want to do and do what others can't do.
Gang Lei Vision: Become the world's best quality stone supplier.
Gang Lei's mission: to enhance organizational culture and enhance corporate soft power.
Organizational culture: Any organization has its own culture, and companies are no exception. Organizational culture is a combination of material culture and spiritual culture in the organization.
Corporate soft power: refers to the "combination of cultures" formed by the organization based on organizational models, behavioral norms, reputation, brand, technology, and management innovation capabilities. It is also called "software" or "soft power."
Strengthen the organizational culture: Through assisting enterprises in the introduction and introduction of cultural construction and management, further strengthen and highlight the important functions of culture in the operation and management of the company, and provide all members of the organization with a common value system advocated by a strong culture. And shape the attitudes and behaviors of employees to ensure that everyone in the organization can “think with one heart and one with strength”.
Enhance corporate soft power: By assisting enterprises in corporate culture construction and management, promote their comprehensive “soft power” to a new level, highlighting the distinctive personality characteristics of the company’s sociality, overallity, and uniqueness, and enhancing the sense of cohesion among employees. And create a spirit, cultivate a team of highly coordinated, concerted, and risk-bearing forces to make the company an organic whole that is dynamic, consistent, and continuously innovated, and forms a strong market radiation, penetration, and expansion to promote The enterprise obtains the best competitive effect, economic effect and social effect, and ultimately guarantees that the enterprise's cultural strength can be used to achieve the development strategy of the enterprise.
Strengthen the organizational culture and enhance the company's soft power: As a stone group devoted to the construction and management of corporate culture, Gang Lei will take this as a training and continue to inherit.
Gang Lei business philosophy:
Quality is more important than quantity Reputation is higher than benefits
Quality is more important than quantity: that is, Ganglei will always pay attention to the quality of all projects rather than the number of quality, and determined to achieve "Quality First", the quality of survival for the road to quality and credibility of the soul.
Reputation over benefits: Reputation is a key indicator to predict the future success of the company. Reputation is the long-term development of the country, no reputation, no more benefits will become a passive water, and will eventually dry up. Although the reputational investment is huge and obvious, it has a great impact on the short-term profits of the company, but its benefits are potential, intangible, and long-term. Reputation management has become one of the company's core competitiveness. Managing and investing in this asset will inevitably produce a huge wealth multiplier effect. As a consulting service industry, a male company should properly handle its relationship with its reputation and interests. When there is a conflict between them, it should not lose its reputation due to blindly pursuing short-term interests, but should temporarily abandon short-term interests to maintain its reputation.