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About us


Shandong  Ganglei Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xiaqiu Stone Material Industrial Park (the stone export base and stone wholesale market in the north of China and Shandong Provincial Stone Industrial Park), adjacent to Laizhou Port (the national first-grade open port) and the Provincial Road and Sanlan Road in the north, and only 100km away from Qingdao, Yantai and Weifang airports. Since its establishment in 1994, the company has invested a circulating fund of RMB 15 million and a registered capital of RMB 11.8 million. Plus the fixed assets of the workshop and equipment, the total capital reaches RMB 35 million. We annual yields flat panels of 150,000 m2 and ranks first in the Stone Material Park.
To cater to the domestic market conditions and enhance the corporate competitiveness, our decision-making group decided to enlarge the size and investment injection without hesitation, and carried out the software and hardware constructions from the following four aspects:
The top management began to realize that the following domestic market competition would be that of mine resource ultimately. In 1995, the company invested RMB 58 million in buying 3 mines with local rare categories of 365 (sesame white), 355 (crystal white jade), and 383 (pearl white) featured by high hardness, beautiful pattern, good physical performance, acid and alkali resistance, low radiation, and large storage capacity. In 1996 and 1997, it also invested RMB 72 million in purchasing 4 high-quality mines with the only large-storage rare categories of 364 and 367(cheery flower red), garnet red, and diamond white. In 2000, the company injected another investment of RMB 30 million to develop Wulian Flower Mine and Red Mine with Shandong special-class white grain mine, and purchase over 40 sets of equipment such as imported forklifts, large air compressors, fire cutting machines, and heavy carrier vehicles, and realized mechanized exploitation. The monopolization of mining rights lays a solid foundation for our large-scale development. The 11 mines annually outputs high-quality quarry stones of more than 300,000m3, of which the flawless stone blocks with good pattern, large volume, and good texture are used in the large projects, guaranteeing timely supply and agreeable pattern for the large-amount projects. Meanwhile, the quarries with bad pattern and softer texture are sold, creating considerable economic benefits. In this way, our group reaches a new top.
The group is surely to be incorporated as its increasing growth. In 1997, we began to annex Laizhou Huifeng Stone Material Company by an investment of RMB 50 million and set up Laizhou Ganglei International trade Co., Ltd., Laizhou Ganglei Special Shapes Stone Co., Ltd., and Laizhou Ganglei Installation Decoration Co., Ltd. Then, we added a new procession line from Italy by spending over RMB 20 million to the original 1 imported flow line, and imported over 30 sets of machines, including full automatic IR cutters, computer profiling machine, diamond wire saws, barrel saws, and the processing machines for special shapes, and edge polishers. In 1998, the company sold and imported panel materials of more than 10,000m2 and domestic panels and abnormal-shaped panels of 300,000m2. It developed to a comprehensive economic body integrating mine exploitation, importing stone material, famous excellent stone, stone production and processing, column abnormal shape, international trade, installation decoration and transportation and became a leading enterprise in the stone industry of the north of China.
Human resource is the key element of an enterprise. Laizhou Ganglei Stone Material Group Co., Ltd. has paid great attention to HR since its establishment. Every year we employ 50 excellent graduates from different colleges. Now we have 500 employees, 40% of whom are with technical secondary school degrees or above. Of the total managers, there are 20 people with bachelor degree, 15 people with college degree, 5 senior engineer, and 8 engineers. 98% of workers have passed professional technology trainings. These talents provide a continuous driving force for the group’s development.
To ensure product quality, Laizhou Ganglei Stone Material Group Co., Ltd. always takes “Quality First, Reputation Supreme” as tenet. Besides the imported advanced machines, we also produce products according to ISO standards, carry out the management mode of fixed position, fixed production, and fixed cost, and set up supply department, quality department, technology department, and sales department, and implement the single block acceptance from the raw materials to the finished products with each product stamped eligible. High quality won lots of proud honors for Ganglei. In 1994, Ganglei won the only national gold medal in New Technology Exhibition in China Patented Market; in 1995, “Ganglei” products was awarded the “Inspection-free Products” by General Administration of Quality Inspection, Supervision and Quarantine; in 2001, the company passed the certification of ISO Quality Management System. In addition, “Ganglei” series products have been granted as Inspection-free Products by Administration of Quality Inspection, Supervision and Quarantine of Shandong in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Ganglei Stone Material Co., Ltd. was classified as “Class A Enterprise” by Laizhou Customs and “AAA Credit Enterprise” in Laizhou. Besides, the company was also rated as “Laizhou and Shandong Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise”, and became a member of China Stone Material Industry Association and Shandong Stone Association; in 2004, the company won the honors of “Shandong Famous Trademark” and “Shandong Famous Brand Product”.
Ganglei Group’s business covers the mainland China and the whole world. Its products involve in various domestic and overseas stone materials, flat panels, abnormal-shaped materials, columns, artificial stones with texture cut of an axe, mushroom stones, pitching stones, step stones, footstones, and pattern stones. The domestic large-scale projects include Dalian Airport, Tiananmen Square, Museum of the War Chinese People’s Resistance against Japanese Aggression (Great Wall Cup), the office building of Logistics Department of the Military Commission of the Central Committee, People’s Daily Office, Tianjin Sports Center (Luban Prize),Tangshan Information Center(Luban Prize), ZJTV, Shenzhen Airport, Chongqing Airport, Lianyungang Administration Center, and Jinan Military Region Office Building (Luban Prize), etc.
In the principle of “Equality & Mutual Benefit”, Ganglei Group will try our best to supply the best service for customers and draw a global blue-print with all circles.